The Domino State

Clash Magazine

"Now and then you spot a fragment of diamond in amongst a sea of splintered glass – The Domino State’s album is such a precious specimen!"

Drowned in Sound

"Uneasy Lies The Crown is a lavish collection that fully exemplifies the promise shown within those early singles. Henry IV would be proud, and The Domino State should be too. Magnificent."

The Sunday Times (UK)

"Epic, doom-laden stuff from this fine London band."

The Independent (UK)

"The Domino State make brooding, intense music that knocks spots off much of the competition."

Drowned In Sound

"An array of sounds which veer between stadium-sized anthems and ethereal soundscapes. One of Londons hottest properties."

The Fly

"Everyone should be falling over themselves to go see them."

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"Perfection in every sense of the word."
Dom Gourlay

Designer Magazine

Joy Division, The Smiths, Radiohead.....The Domino State!!! "What's The Question - possibly the most epic, ambitious single you'll hear all year!! "

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